This is a DEMONSTRATION class! Interested in health, wellness, or longevity? The Culinary-Nutrition Health Series is for you! Focused on “Nutrition for Healthy Bones,” the class will be co-taught by Maureen Walsh, certified Nutritional Therapist, and Chef Marilena Leavitt. This class will provide education on how your body uses food to support health and provide practical tips, recipes, and resources for incorporating more whole foods into your diet. You’ll also learn how to make delicious and nutritious meals that promote optimal health and wellness.

Menu (suggestions for calcium-rich meals)Breakfast: Creamy Almond Milk pudding topped with fresh berries & homemade granola; Lunch: Green beans with baby new potatoes, soft boiled egg, fresh mint,  and a lemon vinaigrette; Dinner:Seared skillet salmon, braised garlic Swiss chard and spinach, and, quinoa with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

Culinaria Cooking School