Our History

Chefs Stephen P. Sands and Pete Snaith

Chefs Stephen P. Sands and Pete Snaith

Founded in 2008, Culinaria Cooking School brings together professional chefs and instructors who want to share their passion for the culinary arts with the community.

Culinaria Cooking School owners Stephen P. Sands and Pete Snaith began their culinary adventures together in 1999 at L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda, MD.

Through their first company, “A Cook’s Quest,” they began teaching classes in community centers in Reston and Vienna, VA, as well as in Italy and the Philippines. They also catered dozens of private events throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.

In 2008, they founded Culinaria Cooking School, a natural off-shoot of their work together, for throughout both of their careers they have designed, developed, and mastered the teaching style and class structure exhibited in their classes today. “Cooking is our passion and we are convinced that teaching the correct, yet simple, techniques of cooking, in a warm and open atmosphere, are the keys to the success of any cook,” says co-owner Stephen P. Sands.

Pete Snaith agrees. “Our motivation and passion for great food, combined with our desire for an interactive and educational cooking school, has culminated with Culinaria Cooking School,” he says. “We are thrilled to be living our dream.”