About Us

Here at Culinaria Cooking School, we place importance on seasonal ingredients and the techniques for the proper preparation of food and its presentation. Our chefs rigorously adhere to tradition, while warmly embracing the present.

Your palate is as unique as you are.

Join us at Culinaria Cooking School and embark on a culinary journey, traveling through many countries, diverse cuisines, and fun-filled evenings, as you learn the secrets of how to unlock the flavors, aromas, and traditions as you celebrate the world of food and wine.

Our mission: Teaching the fundamentals in a fun, no-pressure environment.

Our professionally trained instructors have years of experience teaching the fundamentals and techniques of cooking that are taught at cooking schools for professional chefs. Not only do our classes emphasize food preparation, but we also teach the presentation aspects of the dishes you serve, and offer tips on how to entertain with style and class.

For those who want to get out for the evening to enjoy the company of friends, or meet new ones, Culinaria’s theme-based classes showcase regional and ethnic foods from around the world and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. By learning the proper techniques, you will start to look at recipes as a template to cooking, allowing you to open your imagination and tap into your creativity.

From learning how to best use the knives in your kitchen, to picking the perfect wine to pair with your meal, our vast array of classes teaches you the “how and why” behind the recipes you love. We offer a welcoming and professional environment where students can learn new techniques, improve on the ones they already have, and expand their knowledge about fine dining and wines.